Friday, December 04, 2009

The path Mr F is on is now all covered by snow. (3 Good Things From 12/4/09)

YOU CAN ENTER MORE THAN ONCE, you know. Still 4 days left in the contest: Comment on this post! You could win a book or magazine subscription (details here) and you'll be making me happy (details on that here.)

It's Friday, last night's snow didn't stick, I've got
Vampire Weekend playing, and I'm not going into the office today. I don't need my 3 Good Things to be happy, but I've got them anyway...

1. I ran 3.6 miles in 35 minutes last night. I'm no Read.Dance.Bliss -- yet-- but I'm getting there. I upped my regular workout by 5 minutes last night, and burned 411 calories... or about the equivalent of the slice of pecan pie I had for dessert. (Sweetie said she read somewhere that a slice of pecan pie can have as much as 1500 calories; I prefer to read articles extolling the health benefits of dessert. So someone please write one of those articles...)

Speaking of RDB, I think she's still accepting donations to raise money to help fight blood cancer; she'll do the running, you just have to do the pledging, so help her help others.

2. I got to watch Fitzy play football a little! I rarely get a chance to watch the Buffalo Bills play live -- since I don't live in Buffalo and since they're so god-awful they really shouldn't be televised, but last night's game (which I found out about around five p.m.) was just such a chance, and I indulged almost 15 minutes (before falling asleep) of rooting for the Bills' new QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick, to do something. He didn't, and the Bills are still terrible, but at least the game was close.

3. Did I mention Sweetie made a pecan pie and I had some? Sweetie wanted to make a pecan pie for brother-in-law Charlie, and to make sure the recipe worked, she made a second one for The Boy and I to test out. I happily accommodated her. The Boy announced that pecan pie was "too rich" and had a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles instead.

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