Monday, November 30, 2009

I get to go back to eating sandwiches tomorrow. (3 Good Things From 11/27-11/29)

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Back to work after my first four-day weekend in years...but my 3 Good Things from over the holiday are keeping my spirits up.

1. Mr Bunches and I like the tuba & drums alone, but Mr F prefers the entire band. One of the new games Mr Bunches, Mr F, and I found over the weekend is this excellent Fisher Price music game where kids (and sometimes dads...) can click on various instruments in a band and turn them on and off as they play folksy versions of The ABC Song, or the funkiest mix of Itsy Bitsy Spider you'll ever hear. Check out the synthesizer on that spider song. Seriously. We listened to that over and over on the weekend. It's good potato-peeling music.

2. I quarterbacked my nephew and niece to touchdowns in "Pass Defender." "Pass Defender" is a football game that can be played with only three people: One QB, one receiver, one defender, four downs to score a touchdown. As the quarterback, I managed to get touchdowns out of my nephew and niece before subbing in The Boy as quarterback so I could play chase with Mr Bunches. (Mr F preferred not to come outside.)

3. Sweetie's carrot cake. I'm not baking anymore. I thought I was a good cook but first Sweetie made a great pecan pie for Sweetest Day, and now she baked a carrot cake over the weekend that was awesome, and which made my Lemon Meringue Pie look like... well, a soggy lemon meringue pie. From here on out, Sweetie handles the baking duties and I will handle the eating duties.


Have you bought something from Elizabeth's Etsy Store yet? Here's the final piece featured here on 3 Good Things: From her "Festive Fun" collection, it's "Snowmen and Peppermints Russian Doll Necklace," $25.00 and the perfect gift for St. Nick's Day, which is coming soon!
If you've got something of yours you want featured on "3 Good Things," let me know. Thanks, Elizabeth and James, for supporting me.


stanleygoodspeed said...

As much as enjoy reading yours, I think I might start thinking of my own 3 good things from over the weekend. I imagine it gets your own week off to a positive start!

Briane P said...

It really does; that's why I do it. Thinking up three good things from the day before helps focus on the positive areas of life and keep me upbeat.