Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The guy in the video is slightly less annoying than O'Reilly.

When you stop to think about it, renting a hotel room for a vacation makes as little sense as, say, treating Bill O'Reilly like a person with a brain. What do you get for the cost of a hotel room? 20 square feet of space and a picture of some sailboats? How is THAT a relaxing vacation? Because the maid comes and cleans up? Cleans up WHAT, exactly? All the maid ever did when I stayed in a hotel room was make the bed and replace the towels -- which isn't all that much of a reason to be staying in a hotel.

Instead, I now look for a vacation rental home or condo when I go somewhere. I can get one of the luxury vacation rentals available through some services for the same cost as a hotel room, in many instances -- but I get a lot more space, and I get better views and better locations.

Most hotels are located in crummy areas -- near airports, or downtown. But vacation rentals are located where people live and relax and play -- which is where you want to be on vacation, right?

Right. Plus, vacation homes can have kitchens in them, so you're not stuck eating crummy continental breakfasts on a plastic tray on a lumpy bed. They have living rooms in them, so when you relax at night you can sit on a couch and watch a real TV, instead of sitting on an uncomfortable chair watching a bolted-down little screen.

I make a lot of sense, right? Unlike Bill O'Reilly. So use your head: Next time you go someplace, get a vacation rental instead of a hotel room. Or this might happen to you:

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