Thursday, February 18, 2010

I saved the best one for last, today. (3 Good Things From 2/17/10)

Poor Mr F is starting to feel under the weather, and woke up crying this morning at 5 a.m. Which woke me up, and sent me in to lay with him until he felt better. So I began my day lying in the dark, rubbing Mr F's stomach, while we watched the end of Bolt.

Actually, that's not a bad way to start off a Thursday. Here's my 3 Good Things from Wednesday...

1. Pizza waiting for me when I got home. I'd promised Sweetie I'd take Mr F and Mr Bunches both grocery shopping with me so she could have a night off... and in return, she got pizza delivered and waiting for me when I got home. So I had pizza, with a side of pizza, and later on, a slice of pizza for dessert.

(Plus, of course, leftover pizza for breakfast today. And that's yet another time leftover pizza made this list.)

2. I didn't have to drive to Elkhorn, Wisconsin. No offense to Elkhorners, but I didn't really want to drive there yesterday. I had a case that absolutely, positively had to be filed there, yesterday -- a case that only became ready to file yesterday -- and I was going to have to leave the office and drive down there, a 3-hour round trip I'd ordinarily welcome only I had a lot of other things that needed to be done yesterday, too...

... and, as an aside, I'm absolutely positive that all the time I spend blogging and reading Wondermark in my office have no relation, whatsoever, to the suddenness with which I developed a billion things that had to be done yesterday, instead of, say, last week...

...but I was about to get into my car and drive there and back and make the best of things when my boss reminded me that I could send someone else. "That's why we have employees," he said.

I've always wondered what all these other people were here for. Now, I know. And, with that newfound knowledge, I didn't have to drive to Elkhorn, I got my other stuff done... and it's back to blogging and Wondermark!

3. As promised, the best is last: I was on TV last night! I was interviewed a couple of times for a TV report exposing Wisconsin's Department of Consumer Protection, and the report aired last night. Not only am I in it several times, looking smart and vest-y in my suit, but Sweetie tells me that all day long the station -- WKOW 27 in Madison -- was promoting that story and all the promos included a shot of me!

You can watch the video here.

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