Thursday, February 18, 2010

In trouble with your mortgage? Read this.

The economy's getting better -- but not everyone is out of the woods yet. And you or someone you know may be still struggling to pay the mortgage... or you might have already missed a payment.

It's important, if you're in trouble with your home loan, to act fast and act smart. Getting a Bank Loan Modification can save your house and save you money -- but the process is complicated and lengthy and if you mess up you might be out on the street with no home and no credit, and out a lot of money.

Before you begin looking into a Home Loan Modification, check in at Fair Home Loan -- They're a good starting point for information and assistance to determine whether you need a lawyer, or a banker, or someone to help you with a Mortgage Loan Modification in general. And it's a free service.

Wisconsin (and many other states) have laws that can protect you from foreclosure and from getting ripped off (one such law is a rule that no person can take money up front to help you modify your mortgage -- in Wisconsin, they can only get paid once they've gotten your mortgage fixed) -- and those laws can be complicated. But you don't need to know them: You just need to know where to turn for help. Fair Home Loan can be the starting point to getting you out of trouble... and keeping you in your home.

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