Monday, February 15, 2010

[SPOILER ALERT!] I mention something on "Lost" that most people knew about 3 years ago. (3 Good Things From The Weekend!)

Mondays can be tough, especially if you were up late with a coughing Mr Bunches, who had to go to the ER at 9:30. Don't worry -- he's fine, now. It's just the croup, whatever that is. But he, and I, and all of us, could use 3 Good Things to get the week going right:

1. Mr F and I took a trip to the Statue of Liberty: The Sunken Statue of Liberty is up on Lake Mendota again, and yesterday morning Sweetie and I and the Babies! took a drive to see it. Mr F didn't get out of the car because he'd already started coughing, so he and Sweetie stayed back while Mr F and I ventured onto the ice for a look. Once there, Mr F immediately ducked in between two boards and snuck inside:

But I was able to rescue him using a daring method I call "moving a board to the side and getting him the heck out of there before we get in trouble."

2. Chocolate and piano tuning for Valentine's Day! Sweetie got me exactly what I asked for as a Valentine's present -- she started up a fund to tune the piano. Our piano is old, and has been moved a couple of times, and needs tuning. I don't see that as a family project since I'm the only one who plays anymore (unless you count Mr F, who'll knock out a tune now and then). So starting with this Valentine's Day, I told Sweetie that all presents should from here on out be additions to a savings fund to tune our piano so that I can get back to my dream of learning to play Bohemian Rhapsody and then having the kids sing it while I play. Sweetie got me just that: an envelope with a starter donation in it -- plus chocolates!

I of course ate most of the chocolates yesterday, because if you don't eat them right away they spoil, or wreck the ozone, or something.

3. Charlie didn't die, yet: I continued getting caught up on Lost -- I'm up to just-past-the-halfway mark of Season 3. The episode I watched Friday night was chock full of visions of Charlie dying, making me think that was the long-feared episode where he gets killed off. I know he gets killed off because Sweetie and Middle have spilled the beans about that, but he's one of my favorite characters, so each episode that he's in I keep my fingers crossed that it's not the one in which he dies. And this one wasn't.

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