Friday, February 19, 2010

Imagine this: A comic book... made of GOLD! I'd rule the world.

How many of your hobbies have the potential not only to make you money -- but to keep you secure for the future and hedge against economic catastrophe?

Not counting your comic book collection, of course, the answer is probably "none." Most hobbies are there for fun -- again, not counting comic book collecting, which is CLEARLY a significant, serious investment -- and not profit.

But if you buy gold, you can do both: You can have fun AND invest in the future. That's what I learned from, a company whose site I've reading more and more lately.

I've been reading Goldline more and more because all I ever see or hear are ads for buying or selling gold, and it made me wonder "What am I missing out on, that gold is such a hot business right now?" So I looked up Goldline to find out about it, and learned from them that gold is big in times of economic uncertainty, because gold tends to retain its value (if not increase.)

Goldline had all kinds of information about buying and selling gold, but the information I liked best was the part about the ability to buy gold coins as an investment. Goldline lets you buy British sovereigns and Swiss francs and other interesting gold coins, so you can have a hobby -- coin collecting -- that might pay off if you need it to in a crunch.

If an economic collapse doesn't happen, you've got some interesting decorations for your home or office. But if society falls apart, you've got gold, which has been deemed valuable for, oh, all of history.

Looked at that way, gold may be an even better hobby/investment than comic books. (Probably not, though.)

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