Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweetie: You can always tell what day it is by looking at my blog. (3 Good Things From 2/16/09)

Last night, Sweetie asked me "Is tomorrow Wednesday?" I assured her it was. Today, she asked me "Is today Wednesday?" I assured her it was, again. I don't know whether to be jealous of her life, or very, very concerned. Here's 3 Good Things to take my mind off that decision:

1. The April issue of Conceit magazine came out, with my story in it. Conceit Magazine published my short story, Jenny Goes Bowling With The Angels; I got my free contributor copy yesterday. If you don't subscribe to Conceit, you should -- especially now that they've had the amazingly good sense to publish me.

2. I didn't run out of gas before I was able to get more. My gas light had been on for about two days, and I was getting concerned about making it home, so I called Sweetie and had her transfer some money over to my bank account so I could use my debit card -- then, when I got to the gas station, I had to loop around three times before I got to a pump that was open and on the same side as the gas tank; each time before that, I'd almost get to my pump and someone would get in there before me, so I was getting worried that I'd run out of gas at the gas station.

But I didn't.

3. I played trucks with Mr Bunches. We just rolled a truck back and forth between us, for about 10 minutes. Sometimes the little things count the most.

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