Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I don't drink tea. I just liked the picture. (3 Good Things From 2/15/10)

Today's Tuesday Present was the book A Reliable Wife -- Have you gotten your own Tuesday present for someone today? Maybe yourself? Here's my 3 Good Things from yesterday to keep me distracted from doing my work today:

1. Mr F's smile as the snow fell on his face leaving the health club. Mr Bunches was still down (but not out) with the croup, so Mr F and I spent the night running some errands and then going to the club, me to work out, and him to play in the play room. Working out was fine -- but what really made my night was when we left the club. It was snowing lightly, and Mr F looked up and let the flakes hit him on the face, and burst into the biggest smile I've ever seen him have.

2. Mr Bunches knows how to work our clothes dryer, and I don't. While I was putting some hooks on the laundry room door -- to keep out Mr F, who likes to go in there and shut off the hot water heater -- Mr Bunches opened up the dryer, stopping it. I told him "You shouldn't do that," at which point he closed the door and hit the button to get it going again.

3. It was only 11 p.m. when Mr Bunches woke me up. Mr Bunches got a coughing attack in what I thought was the very-early-morning, and I went to help get him back to sleep. After he dozed off again, I stumbled back into my room thinking that I'd maybe have about an hour more to sleep before I had to get up and get going on the day... but when I glanced at the clock, it was only 11 o'clock, so I had pretty much the whole night left to sleep. That's an amazing feeling, like finding money in your pocket that you didn't remember was there, only the "money" is "time" and the "pocket" is "sleep."

No, wait, the "money" is "sleep" and the "pocket" is...

Maybe the sleep is the the time... I'll work this out. Eventually. But you get the drift.

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