Sunday, February 14, 2010

Runescape Cursors Are Here.

That little arrow not doing if for you anymore? Tired of giving in to "the man" when it comes to what you use to designate where your mouse landed you on the screen? Want to get a little piece of the number one 3d roleplaying game around there?

Then Runescape Cursors can help you. They've got more than 100 Runescape cursors for you, just waiting to be downloaded in seconds, after which you'll be pointing -and clicking -- Runescape style.

So you can open files with a Barrows' Brothers Spear Cursor. Or set up your spreadsheet with a 300 million GP cursor. Or even use the animated cursors they've got, like the Abyssal Whip animated cursor.

Think of it like getting a tattoo, only for your laptop, not you, so your mom won't get all annoying about it and say stuff like "How are you going to get into a good tech school NOW?" when you show her.

If you're a Runescape player -- and that's pretty much everyone reading this -- then Runescape Cursors are for you; they're pretty much de rigeur (which is wizard-speak for these things are really very cool.) And they're free, and you can download more than one and change them all the time, so head on over there and take advantage of Runescape Cursors' niceness.

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