Sunday, March 07, 2010

Everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink.

Around our house, things have a tendency to break. With five kids -- three still at home -- that's probably understandable, especially when one of the kids is The Boy, who plays defensive line in football, and when two of the kids are the Babies!, who are miniature forces of nature.

That means that I'm constantly having to call in repairmen or fix things myself, and that gets expensive. Even today, I find myself wondering "What's going to be next to go in the house? Will it be the toilets? The television? The front door?"

My money, though, is on the kitchen sink. The sink attracts a lot of attention: people doing dishes, people throwing stuff down the garbage disposal, Mr Bunches playing with the faucet, and so on, and it's my gut feeling that the sink is not long for this world. We've already replaced the faucet, the spray hose, and the garbage disposal, so it can't be long now.

When that time comes that the sink finally is broken -- probably in a fight between The Boy and Mr Bunches -- I'll get a new stainless steel kitchen sink from MR Direct. Their "Mr Direct" kitchen sinks comes BBB accredited and with same day shipping and low prices -- all things I like, because when that sink goes, I don't want to spend a lot of money, and I certainly don't want to have to load everyone into the car and head out to some big-box hardware store: I want to stay at home and monitor the situation while waiting for MR Direct to ship my new sink to me... and then start the countdown until the NEXT thing that goes.

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