Monday, March 08, 2010

Have you ever tried to relax lying on a plastic cow? (3 Good Things From The Weekend)

Update: If you watched the Oscars last night, you know that Steve Martin used my joke! Steve said that Meryl Streep had more nominations than anyone else... "Or," Steve said, "As I like to think of it, losses."

I said it first when I wrote "But "nominee" hides the truth: "Academy Award LOSER!" would be equally as accurate." Thanks for reading, Steve!
Last night, we took the Babies! for a car ride to tire them out before bed. It seemed it had worked perfectly: they both fell asleep in the car. Then they woke up while I carried them in, and didn't really
ever go back to sleep. Ever. Now I'm tired and need my 3 Good Things more than ever today:

1. Friday: Boys' night out, featuring french fries and tasty ice cream treats! Friday night, Sweetie and the girls went to her sisters for a "make-up party" and The Boy worked, leaving me alone with the Babies! for an entire night... a night to par-tay. Which we did: We ate dinner while watching Enchanted (Mr Bunches' new favorite movie), then we played tunnel attack (where I attack them in a tunnel, naturally) and then baths and then we went to the Sonic drive-in for a dessert that turned out to be an extra meal. See, I wanted one of their ice-cream-and-limeade deals, while the Babies!, I thought, would like the tater tots.

Tater tots were on special -- they came free with any purchase of a cheeseburger, which meant that I would be a sucker if I didn't order the cheeseburger, right? That's what I did, and that's when things got crazy: the cheeseburger was giant (but I bravely ate it anyway) and they messed up and gave us french fries instead of tots, but the Babies! managed to enjoy those anyway, and, in the end, it was the kind of wild night you'd expect from three guys on the town. Then we went home and watched more Enchanted.

2. Saturday: The Boy almost won
his soccer game, which was a good thing even though I didn't get to see it. The Boy's in a soccer league now, and they played a game on Saturday night at the indoor soccer facility. We took the Babies! to watch him, but they got bored (instantaneously) so I ended up supervising them on the indoor-playground while Sweetie watched The Boy's team lose a thriller, 7-6.

3. Sunday: Oscar Party! It was my first-ever Oscar party, prompted by The Boy's love of movies. (He announced yesterday that he thinks Oscar Week is bigger than Super Bowl Week -- which surprised me in that I hadn't known there was an Oscar Week. But there was an Oscar party, which featured me and Sweetie and The Boy eating bratwurst and pretzel-based hors d'ouevres, but I then missed most of the show itself because, as mentioned, Mr F and Mr Bunches had woken back up after their calming car ride, and they were crying and upset and didn't want to be alone, so I spent much of the night hanging out in their room, watching Finding Nemo (which won Best Picture, as far as the Babies! were concerned) and getting kicked off of Mr Bunches' bed: He wanted me in the room, but didn't want me laying on his bed with him, and I couldn't lay on Mr F's bed, as he had it filled up with (honestly): two Buzz Lightyear Action figures, four rubber dinosaurs, a Fisher Price barn, a car, the front part of a semi-truck, and a plastic cow.

And him, of course.

95 and 96 down, 10,618 to go
: As I drove to work today, I was listening to "Lucky" by Kat Edmonson:

And I decided to make that today's song -- because it seemed happy and upbeat and a good way to start off a Monday (although I worried, a little, that Kat was saying Lucky lucky me in an ironic way... you kids and your irony this and sarcasm that are throwing me off... and then, as I got to the parking garage, on came the song "A More Perfect Union" by Titus Andronicus, and I really wanted that to be the song, so I decided to just do both and let you first get a little bouncy and upbeat, and then get really amped up and ready to tear down the obstacles that may face you today...

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