Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still, spinach has killed more people than potato chips ever have. (3 Good Things From 3/9/09)

It's a crisis of cataclysmic proportions: Last night, Stephen Colbert broke the news that Pringles have been recalled because of salmonella concerns. So the one rock-solid principal I've always followed: Nobody ever died from eating potato chips has now been proven false! What else do I have left to believe in? Cheer me up, 3 Good Things:

1. I found my iPod. Tuesday morning, I couldn't find my iPod to take to work, and then Tuesday night, I couldn't find it to take to the club to work out. I remembered, clearly, bringing it in Monday night after my drive home, stuffing it into my pocket quickly as I got out of the car in a hurry so that Mr Bunches wouldn't get impatient. That made me sure that I'd set it on the kitchen counter when I'd come in, and Sweetie confirmed seeing it on the counter. Deciding that Mr F must have taken the iPod to play with -- even though he's never supposed to touch it -- I checked under my bed, alongside my dresser, in the Babies!' toy box, under their dresser, under their box-springs, behind their beds, behind all the shelves in the living room, under the couch, between the couch cushions, behind the Only Living Plant and in the dirt of that plant, in the bathroom garbage, under the downstairs couches, in their toy room... and finally gave up and decided to head to the club sans iPod.

Then I double-checked my car and found it in the glove box.

And while Sweetie was laughing at me for being so confused, I pointed out that she'd clearly said she saw it on the counter the day before.

2. Mr Bunches was okay after an ironic fall! We took the Babies! to the club with us so they could play in the daycare while we worked out. On the way out, Mr Bunches tried to go down the stairs carefully -- backwards and crawling because the stairs are steep. Then he gathered his nerve and started, instead, the "right" way, only to change his mind near the bottom and try to switch to the safe way again -- but the switch tripped him up and he tumbled down the last step, ending up surprised but not hurt.

3. Toast for dessert is not weird! Giving in to my demands, Sweetie made french toast for dinner last night, and it was delicious. Then I wanted some dessert, and I was in the mood for regular toast. (Or "Toast Toast," if you must.) So I made some for dessert, which Sweetie thought was weird, but I thought was just fine.

98 Down, 10,616 to go: "Building All Is Love" by Karen O and The Kids, from the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack. When I first heard the movie was being made, I wanted to see it. Then I didn't want to see it because it didn't sound good and I thought the explanation for Max's behavior was too pat and standard. Then I heard the soundtrack and I wanted to see it all over again, so now I have to convince Sweetie to put it on Netflix and then I have to wait until she and The Boy get every movie ever made, and then my choices will come up.

Until then, I have the soundtrack:

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