Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some people might invite others over to enjoy this, too. Not me. I'm keeping it all to myself.

This might be the year -- the year I finish the 1-year-but-really-it's-6-now project of turning our yard into a perennial garden that never needs mowing but instead just exists and is both beautiful and easy to maintain.

I've got the plants, I got rid of the old haunted shed (haunted by raccoons, mostly), I've got little garden statuary to put out, the next-door neighbor kids who used to trample through our yard are grown up and moved away, and the only thing remaining is to get me one of them fancy patio furniture sets.

I've got to do that because what's the point of having a beautiful, amazing backyard if you can't go sit out in it, have lunch around it while the butterflies flap slowly around and the kids play and the cats laze and I drink lemonade?

There's no point in having a great yard but not being able to enjoy it. And I intend to enjoy our yard, sitting out there and relaxing on Saturday afternoons (while you're all mowing your lawns like suckers). I can sit at my patio table, or in a reclining patio chair, the baseball game -- any baseball game, it doesn't matter -- on the radio, a diet Coke and my Kindle there, the Babies! throwing things at other things, and just enjoy the pleasant breeze, the flowers and trees I've planted, and the fact that my yard will have become an extension of my house -- a room with no walls or ceiling where I can sit and enjoy life.

You can't do that on a clump of grass. There has to be a table. Some chairs. Maybe even an umbrella. And then... relaxation.

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