Thursday, March 11, 2010

If you can read this, you're seconds away from an accident. (Commutations)

The other day, when I walked out to my car after work, I saw that the car next to mine had this bumper sticker on it:

I liked that, because I could read it, and because I thought it was clever, and also because, as a lawyer, it meant more work for me in the future, since, while it was a clever bumper sticker that promoted people learning music, it also was a bumper sticker that could only be read from about a foot away. Here's what it looked like from a safe following distance:

So I drove home picturing people trying to speed up and get close enough to see what that bumper sticker said, only to then get into an accident because they were following too closely.

Who would do that? you might ask: Who would tailgate just to read a bumper sticker?

Me -- I've done that tons of times. I just haven't gotten into an accident.


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ReadDanceBliss said...

There are an awful lot of "If you can read this, you're too close" bumper stickers out there.

This one's ok: but not as good as the "Die, Nazi Tailgater!" one I found :)