Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's always the right time to give this as a gift. (MAN, I love puns.)

The nice thing about watches is that you can give them to just about anyone, for anything. What else can you say that about, in terms of present-giving?

You can't give a book or CD or DVD to someone without worrying whether they have it already, or whether they'll like it, or whether it might offend them. Giving clothes is tough, because you may not be exactly clear on the size, and what if your tastes aren't the same as theirs? (Not everyone likes funny ties, I've found.)

Gift certificates? Too impersonal. Jewelry? Too emotional -- you don't give jewelry to acquaintances, or friends, or your dad.

But a watch: It's the right size, it's useful, it's decorative, and it doesn't over- or under-sell the occasion. Take the watch shown here: a Man's Fossil Watch I found on Blue Dial ( They've got all kinds of watches there -- mens, womens, kids, the popular Seiko Kinetic Watches, but the one that caught my eye was this Fossil Watch. It's perfect for just about any man -- businessmen could wear this to the office, guys who actually work for a living could have it on a job site and not be embarrassed... Dads who have a birthday coming up in April, say, and whose sons have to buy them a present and otherwise have no idea what to get them.

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