Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Metropolis is in Illinois? (3 Good Things From 3/8/10)

I was going to skip posting this today because I'm superbusy, but I'm also super-annoyed right now, and I need my 3 Good Things to not blow the entire day. So here goes... concentrate... concentrate...

1. I found a parking spot directly across from the courthouse in Milwaukee.
I had to go to court at the federal courthouse in Milwaukee, and not only did I leave in plenty of time so that even when I realized that most of the streets I would ordinarily use to get there were closed off, requiring me to be re-routed around the city, I had enough time to be early for court -- but then, there was a parking spot directly across the street from the courthouse, giving me a short-and-leisurely-walk into the hearing.

2. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog re-runs during clean up time: After seeing Neil Patrick Harris at the Oscars on Sunday, I was in the mood for more showtunes, so last night I listened to this:

As I cleaned up after dinner.

"Hi, D!": Mr Bunches' new greeting for me... and almost everyone. For a while there, he'd say "hi, dad" to me, and also to anyone else he wanted to say hi to. Now, he's shortened it to "Hi, D," because, like everyone else, Mr Bunches doesn't have time for whole names.

(I've tried to get him to call Sweetie M for Mom, with no luck. Yet.)

97 down, 10,617 to go: "Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts," by Sufjan Stevens: This is one of those songs that seems to be like three different songs all in one, satisfying my short attention span all in one fell swoop. It also features a kids' choir, and that always wins me over. Plus, I think it might be about Superman, even though it's from the Illinoise album. Wasn't Superman from Illinois?

Actually -- maybe he is, according to this site.

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