Sunday, March 07, 2010

One Percent Day Eleven: More on the President's Actual Plan

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With all the talk about health care and whether it'll pass or not, you'd think someone, somewhere, would talk about the details of the plan. I guess it falls to me, since I'm the only person I know who actually went to the White House's site and downloaded the summary of the proposal.

Here's the second facet of the plan: The plan would Give tax credits for health insurance premiums. If your income falls between $22,000 and $88,000, under Obama's proposal, you won't have to pay more than 2-9.5% of your income (2% at the low end and 9.5% at the top end) for health insurance premiums. That means that a family with $88,000 per year in income would pay at most $8,360 per year for premiums, or at most $696 per month. Obama's proposal is more generous than either the House or Senate version right now.

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