Monday, March 08, 2010

One Percent, Day Twelve: It Turns Out You're Actually In Favor Of The "Public Option."

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... and I'm not talking about polls which show that most Americans favor the public option for health insurance. I'm talking about you, and how you, specifically, favor the public option.

You may think that you don't, but consider this:

... do you enroll your kids in public schools, or did you attend one?
... do you use the U.S. Post Office?
... did you, or will you, take out a student loan?

All of those things are public options -- and all of them compete with the private sector, without running the private sector out of business. Private schools aren't failing. Fed Ex is doing fine. Lenders are so successful in giving out private student loans that the government is having trouble competing with them.

A public option exists for education, for borrowing, and for mailing. Why not for health insurance?

Pictured: One of the first "public options."

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