Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I like the line "The evidence before the Court is incontrovertible." (3 Good Things From 4/13/10)

Operation: Organization is still a go -- look at that picture taken just this morning!

Today, as a break from stories about the Babies! and Sweetie, I'm focusing on 3 Internettish Good Things. These are some of the ways I spend my day when I'm not playing Bust It and eating leftover casserole:

1. The webcomic "Escape From Terra." I'm never sure, in the end, how I find things on the web. I just stumble across them, generally about four years after the rest of you do. (I'm really excited about this Youtube thing I just discovered...) About two weeks ago, I came across Escape From Terra, a web comic that caught my eye as a sci-fi serial in the vein of the Lensman books. Since I like sci-fi serials, I gave it a shot, and I'm hooked. I read a few pages each day, and I'd read more but I have at least pretend to work.

You can find the first strip here.

2. Dan Savage's Blog. I'm a big fan of Dan Savage (as you probably already know) and I am disappointed, each week, when I finish reading his column because I know it's another week until I get another dose of his wit and wisdom.

Was disappointed, that is -- past tense, since I found out he has a blog and posts pretty much daily on that, giving previews of letters and his views on the news. More Dan Savage is good for society.

Read it here.

3. Dirty Jobs Films: I have a rooting interest here -- I know some of the people involved, and I'm helping write a script for an upcoming movie -- but Dirty Jobs Films would deserve props even if I didn't have an extremely-tangential-but-hopefully-going-to-make-me-a-billionaire connection to them. Their movies are original, biting, creative, funny, and at least 13 other adjectives.

Check them out here.

Also, Ross Bigley (pictured) sent me all his movies and I've been meaning to watch them, but I'm still 3 seasons behind on Lost, and I also have to watch 9, and I recently decided that I'd let Sweetie send back The Informant to Netflix even though that means I'll probably never watch it, so I'm getting around to it.

115 down, 10,630 to go: We're supposed to get our hard drive back tomorrow, so I'll have my iPod back, too. Until then, I'm going on "Memory and Things I Thought Of Because Of The Russian President."

Yesterday, getting ready for work, the Russian President was interviewed by George Snuffleupagass and part of the interview told how the first album the Russian President had bought was The Wall, an album he'd saved up for months to buy. I heard that on the same day I heard that Roger Waters was going to mount a new tour of The Wall with new staging, which makes me sad because I want him to do a Radio KAOS tour -- I never go to concerts, anymore, not since I got kicked off the stage at a Hooters concert in the early 90s -- but if I'm not going to go to a concert, I'd rather not go to Radio KAOS than not go to The Wall.

All of which is a long way of introducing The Trial, my favorite song from The Wall:

I know at least four judges just exactly like that.

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