Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What about "Operation: Organization"? (3 Good Things From 4/12/10)

Today's my dad's birthday. And, as Sweetie notes, also our cat Stormy's birthday. Send them both a card; we'll sort them out by which ones smell like tuna. Here's the 3 Good Things I've got from yesterday:

1. "Nice." Last night, Mr Bunches wanted to go for a ride, so I gathered up Mr F and took the Babies! to McDonald's for dinner-and-playtime. There was another family there with a 2 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. The 3 year old girl took a shine to Mr Bunches, playing with him for a while, but also liked Mr F -- she came over to him at one point and patted his hand and smiled and said "Nice!"

2. My office remained clean and organized for the first 24 hours. I need a catchy name for my goal to keep my office neat and organized. Something like Project: Organized. Only catchy, and not dumb.

3. It rained. That's not ordinarily a good thing, but yesterday it was -- because I'd planned on going out in the yard and continuing the yardwork I started Sunday night, raking out flowerbeds and stuff like that. But with the rain coming down, I had a free night. I like when Nature and I are on the same page. (Even though that's almost never.)

114 down, 10,631 to go: Sweetie's been using my iPod all this week, for hard-drive related reasons; our external hard drive, which has all our music stored on it, is in for repairs. Sweetie didn't know that no hard drive meant that when she updated her iPod it would wipe out most of the songs on there with no refilling, so when she tried to do that, she ended up with only 9 songs on her iPod. My iPod has everyone's playlists on it, so she's adopted mine this week. That means two things for me:

1. It's harder for me to think of songs to list on here, and
2. My iPod is going to have permanent echoes of Rick Springfield songs on it.

To help combat the Springfieldization of my iPod, I'm giving you, today, Two Thousand Places by The Polyphonic Spree: This is one of the songs that helped me quit smoking, nearly six years ago, because it's very inspirational, and to quit smoking, you've got to be good, you've got to be strong... but you probably don't have to actually be two thousand places at once.

This is the other song that helped me quit smoking, in case you were wondering.

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