Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pringles = gambling? Who'd've thought?

Are you a gambler? Sure, you are. You gamble all the time -- everytime you turn on the TV, you gamble that there's something good on. Everytime you eat Pringles you gamble that they won't kill you dead.

Why not do a little real gambling, for real money, without even paying anything up front? Impossible? You say? Possible, I retort -- thanks to the listings on this Casino Blog I found. The No Deposit Bonus Blog finds you reputable online gaming sites that let you start gambling for free -- maybe a little $5 chip for signing up, or maybe five thousand bucks in free casino cash.

Yep: Free money to gamble with. Can life get any sweeter than that? Maybe -- if Pringles stop killing people.

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