Thursday, April 15, 2010

Travel, Leisure, Entertainment network

I like to travel, but I don't like to spend money. And I don't like to have a lot of hassle when I travel. And I want to do tourist-y things when I travel, but I don't want to get rooked like most tourists do.

So traveling could be pretty complicated for me - -trying to arrange cheap or free, uncomplicated, off-the-beaten-path-but-super-popular travel opportunities.

COULD BE, but isn't, because I use the Leisure Community's travel,leisure,entertainment network: a website that helps plan, talk about, and promote traveling through a variety of means: you can view photos and videos of trips people have taken, you can get news on free or interesting travel opportunities, you can even join specific groups for the kinds of traveling and tourism you want, trading tips and stories and meeting like-minded people.

It's social networking for people who want to social network with a purpose - -and that purpose is traveling. Join me there -- and maybe join me at my next destination!

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