Friday, April 16, 2010

So in the 23rd Century, we will be paid to engage in leisure activities? Cryogenic freezing chamber, here I come.

Are you, like me, tired of just getting things free? Are you tired of having to actually spend your own money to get stuff, instead of having people pay you to get stuff?

Well, I am. Paying for things is so 20th century. I'd assumed that by now we'd be in some futuristic economy where we could get Get Paid To Shop... and I'm right.

Market America is the company I've found that's moved things into, say, the 23rd century, by offering a revolutionary program that PAYS YOU TO SHOP.

Get paid to shop? As Sarah Palin would say (if someone wrote it down for her to read back in halting speech with a pre-programmed wink), "You BETCHA!" The Market America Cashback program does just that.

By shopping online through Market America, you can buy all the things you need or want, and get money back. You'll get 2% of your purchases back when you buy from Market America's partner stores or their branded products, and you can make an additional 1/2% on any referral purchases.

There's no upper limit, so the more you shop, the more you'll get back, and the shopping is all from your own home (or your office, if that's where you shop.) There's no cost to join and Market America has over 35 million -- million -- products in 3,000+ partner stores. They'll let you make referrals (and earn money) by installing links, banners and widgets, and it's available to people outside the US, too.

I'm thinking this might be a new career for me -- I could just online shop and make millions. No, no, don't bother with your arguments about how that logically won't work. I'm not listening to you naysayers. I'm off to make my fortune!

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