Monday, April 12, 2010

Thinking gets in the way of progress. (3 Good Things From The Weekend)

I wish I got to ease into the week -- I've only had two court hearings this morning. All this work leaves me hardly any time to do what I usually do in the office. Here's the 3 Good Things that are keeping me positive as I face a new five days of work:

1. Free Day At The Milwaukee County Zoo: We went to celebrate my dad's birthday on Saturday, and he suggested taking Mr F and Mr Bunches to the Milwaukee Zoo for their "Free Family Day."

Despite the presence of everybody in Milwaukee, the zoo was a lot of fun -- we saw the penguins (which Mr F wanted me to get for him so he could hold them) and the aviary, and looked at rhinos and elephants and some giraffes, and a whooping crane (about which, Mr Bunches said "Quack quack" and Mr F labeled a "duck"), and a sea lion swam right up to the glass while Mr Bunches watched, prompting him to say "Meow," as a guess for what a sea lion might say, and, most importantly, we finished up the day with a trip to Kopp's -- my favorite stop in Milwaukee.

2. I got my office organized... again. I brought the Babies! with me to work Saturday morning, planning to let them watch movies and play while I did actual work. But they had other ideas, trying to roam around and get into files and otherwise create mayhem, so we converted "actual work" to "organizing daddy's office," boxing up old files and sending them to storage and clearing off countertops and instituting a new system of "In" and "Out" boxes. I love the feel of a well-organized office. Now, if only I wouldn't have to do so much stupid work there.

3. Time to read a bit on Sunday afternoon: Having spent the entire day Saturday running around, and having gone grocery shopping on Sunday with the Babies! (Shown at right napping on the way home from the zoo), I finally, Sunday, got to spend some time hanging out pretending to listen to Oldest talk while actually reading two back issues of The New Yorker on my Kindle. That was fun and relaxing enough that it bumped out my original choice for number three on this list.

Number three on this list was going to be my discovery that we, as a society, have now progressed to the point where we have microwaveable instant pork rinds.

It's true. We have microwaveable instant pork rinds. And when Mr Bunches, Mr F and I saw them at the grocery store, we did not stop to think "Wait, pork rinds are supposed to be microwaveable?" Or even "Does it make a difference if pork rinds are fresh or not?"

Or even "What is a pork rind, exactly?"

No, we didn't stop to think any of that, because thinking gets in the way of progress, and progress in this case is microwaving pork rinds. Nobody will ever accuse me of standing in the way of progress. I bought them and microwaved them at home and they were delicious.

113 down, 10,632 to go
: I put it on my newest blog, This Is Why I Hate People, today, so I'll put it here, too: It's Let's Dance To Joy Division by The Wombats:

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