Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If you read this post, you may get the impression that I kind of like free stuff.

Free stuff! Free Stuff! Free Stuff!

Whew! Breathe into a paper bag. Slow down. Think of stuff that's not exciting, like work...

I got all excited for a second there because I heard about the redesign or relaunch or re-something-ing of the Coupon Kim site, and I went to check it out, and there's a whole section devoted to free stuff I can get online.

Cool free stuff, like free cheddar cheese popcorn, free books, even free goat cheese, which you wouldn't think I'd like, but I do, since we had it on a pizza once, and it tasted great. Who'd have imagined, goat cheese on a pizza? What a world we live in!

And that world includes the revamped Coupon Kim site. Here's the welcome screen:

So you'll know what you're looking at when you go there, and you will go there. Not because I command it (I haven't perfected the mind control aspect of this blog yet) but because you want free stuff and to save money, right?

Coupon Kim does that with their printable and online coupons, their grocery deals, and their free stuff. I've been browsing around there this morning (my boss thinks I'm doing research) and I have yet to find a store I'd like to shop at that doesn't have a coupon on Coupon Kim's.

That was a confusing way to put that. What I meant was that Coupon Kim's has coupons for every store I can think of, and I can think of a lot of stores. Dozens. I'm amazing that way.

There's no sign-up, no fees, no registration: just coupons and savings. You can, though, get an email anytime a new coupon is added, so you could just be sitting around at home minding your own business when bangzoom! you get word that Barnes & Noble just added a coupon and next thing you know you're saving 30% off on a new book.

Whew! Again... breathe deep... boring stuff... boring stuff.

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