Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Awesome Covers Of Already Awesome Songs, 2

I'll get more substantial posts on here soon -- I swear. There's a good one coming up about plants and nuclear subs and all. I've just been busy.

But not so busy that I couldn't find number two of the awesome versions of already awesome songs. Here's Dolly Parton doing Collective Soul's "Shine" :

Did you ever wonder what ever happened to Collective Soul? I didn't until just now today. So I googled it and found... this website, which wondered the same thing.

Then I googled "Collective Soul" and found out from their website that they're actually starting a tour, which sounded exciting, until I found out that the tour will stop in Idaho, which removed all the excitement from me. Idaho's always had that effect on me. Just mention Idaho and everything seems a little less exciting. Doesn't matter what it is: Band tours, potato chips, Season 3 of Lost on DVD... mention it in the same breath as Idaho and the luster just fades.

But then I found out that Collective Soul released a song called "Hollywood," which they described as "Bright as California sunshine... [which] features an undeniable melody with tinges of ’80s pop." So I thought, and I quote, "Eh, I'll give it a try."

And now you can give it a try:

And, you know, it wasn't half-bad. Notwithstanding Idaho.

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