Sunday, May 17, 2009

If nobody cares about it, why am I posting it? Do you really need to ask that question? 'Cause I have no answer. (Mourning Gnus, 5/18/09)

News Nobody Really Cares About, Part One: "Angels and Demons" apparently beat "Star Trek" at the box office over the weekend, in a battle of sequels to movies that weren't any good in the first place. ( I'll exempt "The Wrath of Khan" from that because I saw it when I was younger and am nostalgic, plus I don't want to get spammed, as I'll note below.) Trek took in only $43 million to Angels' $48 million -- but what went unreported entirely was the 197% increase in box office experienced by The Cross: The Arthur Blessit Story. (That movie, a documentary about a man who literally walked around the world carrying a cross, actually sounds pretty good, though.)

News Nobody Really Cares About, Part Two: Do you know who won the Preakness this weekend? Probably not. Do you know where the Preakness is held? Probably not. That's because there's only one horse race America cares about, and that race is Cannonball Run IV: Horsing Around, in which Burt Reynolds and a new all-star cast race horses across the country. (Coming, Spring 2010). (Although you don't care -- see the headline -- the answers, respectively, are "Rachel Alexandra" and "Baltimore." Although this being horseracing, if you reversed those two, it would sound just as correct.)

Google Waffle Update: I'm now the top 3 sites for that search term in one form or another. Take that, Waffle House! Also, how are you readers doing on finding out what this song is called?

Website of the Day: Supposedly, the Wolfram website can answer any question you put to it, with graphs and codes and even something about time-traveling, just to show that "scientists" still don't care about "facts" or "science." After clicking on it about 30 minutes ago and still waiting for it now, the only thing I want to ask it is How can I get this site to load faster?

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lisapepin said...

None of my music trivia geniuses knew the answer to that one, other than guessing that it is likely a piece composed specifically for another of Disney's movies. So you'll have to watch them all to find out, I guess. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!