Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quote of the Day, 28

"You're always telling me these interesting things about sports and then when I try to talk sports with you, you're like... Joe Theisman."

-- The Boy, when I tried to tell him about an article I read this weekend. To celebrate our anniversary, I took Sweetie out Friday and one of the things she did was get a manicure. She asked if I minded waiting and I did not because they had an issue of The New Yorker just sitting there, which meant that I got to read a fascinating article about why David beats Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell.

The article focused on how a junior high girls' basketball team had used the full-court press to win its way to the championship, and I used the article to explain another "interesting thing about sports" to The Boy the next day, after he had the gall to tell me that there's never anything interesting in The New Yorker. It was after my story that he gave the Quote of the Day, apparently as a put-down, and then he left before I could tell him about the neuroscientist who once spent a weekend trying to get flounder to mimic a polka dot background.

God, I love The New Yorker.

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