Sunday, May 17, 2009

In a pinch, I will accept Florida or San Diego as a substitute for Hawaii. But I'll miss the volcano.

It's no secret that I try to use my blogs as a way to promote my writing, and myself, and in doing so get myself rich and move to Hawaii, where I could spend my time writing on my deck while I look out at the ocean and maybe also at a volcano (but not an active one.)

So I'm always on the lookout for things that can help me do a better blog, or promote it better, and when I find those things, I like to share them with you. Like the latest thing that I've found to help make a better site: the webhosting reviews and information at

I found my webhost-- blogger -- entirely by accident. I had decided to write a blog, and "Blogger" was the only site that I knew of that allowed me to do that. (This was back in 2005, before the "internet" really caught on.) It's worked out okay, but that's by chance, and who wants to leave it to chance when we're talking about making money and/or moving to Hawaii? Not me, and not you. takes that element of chance out of it. They provide quick, easy-to-read information about web hosts (that's the company that's putting up your webpage), giving you the rundown on the ten best right on their front page, so you can get information like price, bonus features, and disk space all up front, then make a choice and click through to buy. They even break it down, like "Best Blog Hosting" and the like.

If you've already GOT a webhost, like me, they'll still help, via their blog, which is chock full of information and ideas. Ideas like how to maximize your SEO -- or "Search Engine Optimization." Search Engines are the billboards of the Internet, and if you're not way up there on them, you're not anywhere, as far as readers are concerns. So helps out with three tips to maximize your SEO. Awesome, right? Right.

All the great content and Sticky Waffle Sandwich jokes in the world won't get you to Hawaii unless you're doing it right -- and is the site I go to to make sure I'm doing it right. From setup through marketing, they've got answers.

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