Friday, May 22, 2009

My yard: Scenic Tourist Destination (Someday. Not now.)

Last summer's big project was tearing down the old shed and building the Sorta Great Wall. And surviving in the face of what could have been very, very vicious raccoon babies.

Mission Accomplished! And this year, the goal is: Finish The Path To Nowhere. See, after we tore down the shed, we had a garden path that led from our house to... nothing. It had previously led to the shed, but now, sans shed, we had a path to nowhere. The Boy and I couldn't tolerate that, so we ripped up those bricks and hauled them around and began building another path, one that would wind through the backyard (which someday will be a beautiful garden instead of the ragged growth of $1.00 Wal-Mart trees it is now) and after winding through the garden, would loop back and rejoin the sidewalk around the house.

Only... we didn't have enough bricks, so instead of the Path to Nowhere that previously led to the Shed, we have the Path To Nowhere that leads to nothing.

This year, though, we are definitely going to make the Path To Nowhere lead to somewhere, and the somewhere I'm thinking it should lead to is a garden wall fountain.

I got the idea from looking at wall fountains online. I've always liked fountains: they add a sense of life and peacefulness, together, to a garden. The burbling of water, the splashing sounds, the light that reflects back.

And an outdoor garden wall fountain seems to be ideal. I was worried that I'd have to get a plumber to install it, or put in extra pipes or get a permit, or something. But instead, they just plug in and have their own pump. Put in water and you're on your way. So I think that'll be what we do: put in a wall fountain. It doesn't have to have all kinds of extra plumbing, it'll fit into our yard, and it could serve as the centerpiece around which to build the rest of the beautiful backyard garden

... as well as serving as an end point for the Path That Will Eventually Lead Somewhere.

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