Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm also pretty good at "Makeover Doll."

My sister and her daughter are staying with Mom right now, and her daughter -- my niece -- is away from her friends and a lot of her toys, leaving her with a lot of free time and not as much to do.

So I thought "Hey, I'll show what a cool uncle I am" (as if she doesn't already know) "and find some games for her to play." Then I did what I always do and Googled my question, which in this case was "Where can I find some Girl Games for my niece to play?"

That, in turn, led me to "Easy Girl Games," the website -- www.easygirlgames.com -- which, I learned, has (you'll never see this coming) Easy Girl Games. Games that girls might find fun and which are quick to learn and fun to play; lots of point & click stuff about Barbies and fashion and celebrities, with nary a truck in site.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not being sexist here. I'm the guy, after all, who let his son bring a Holly Hobby doll grocery shopping with us. But my niece doesn't want to play with boy toys or boy games. She wants princesses and dress up and makeovers, and Easy Girl Games delivers, with games like "Makeover Doll" and "Miley Cyrus' Romantic Kiss," games that young girls will love to play -- if my niece is any indication; she seems to love them. And she loves the fact that she can beat her uncle playing them.

Although pretty soon, I'll catch up to her in Kiss Points.i

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Anonymous said...

These games are very cool. I played them before.