Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hey, I Think I Love You!

We went to Hollywood on vacation about 8 years ago, and I spent our entire time there looking about for celebrities: movies stars, rock stars, Johnny Carson, ANYONE. All in vain -- the closest I came was Sweetie said that Craig Bierko shoved The Boy in an airport, and everyone else (but not me) saw one of the Williams sisters on the street as we drove by.

That lack of celebrities in Hollywood may be caused by the fact that they're all in Kissimmee, Florida, as I found out recently -- which makes all the more reason to go there.

The Kissimmee area already has more or less one theme park for everyone in America: Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Gatorland, Disney and all its incarnations, plus water parks and golf courses and more malls than you could shake a stick at. (Why would you shake a stick at a mall? What's that gonna prove?)

And now it's got celebs. Tons of celebs. Celebamundo, so to speak. Athletes: Tiger Woods, Larry Bird, Dwayne Johnson (he's kind of an athlete, right?) Actors: David Caruso, and Matt Damon. Singers: Cher, Enrique Iglesias, Barry Gibb... and David Cassidy.

That's where I stopped looking things up. David Cassidy! That guy is AWESOME. Imagine spending a day with David Cassidy in Kissimmee. Me and David going golfing in the morning, then throwing some food to some gators before lunch. After lunch, we head over to Disney and ride Space Mountain, maybe bumping into some other not-as-awesome celebrities over dinner, guys and girls who would say "Hey, David, who's your cool friend?"

And now I've got a chance to hang out with David Cassidy for free: Kissimmee is giving away three weekend getaways for two, and two weeklong getaways for four (don't worry -- that's all the math you'll be required to do), with the next drawing on June 1. I've already entered -- you should, too. Don't just hang out in Kissimmee this summer: Hang out in Kissimmee this summer for FREE, with David Cassidy! (And me.)


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