Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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I've been writing a lot about Kissimmee on here lately, and there's a reason for that: It's because Kissimmee is awesome.

It's awesome because Kissimmee is like the nexus of the Fun-iverse. The Fun-iverse is like the universe, only more fun, and who would want to live in the universe when you could be in something that's more fun?

Kissimmee has more fun in it per square inch than any other part of the universe, and that's scientifically provable. It's located more or less in between and around and underneath and on top of 1 jillion waterparks, amusement parks, golf courses, lakes, and shopping malls.

1 jillion is a lot, but I'm not exaggerating. And these aren't crummy little amusement parks that you're used to in Ohio, or Nebraska, or Prague. These are theme parks and waterparks like Wet 'n Wild -- a waterpark near Kissimmee which has "Der Stuka," a waterslide that sends you down a 250-foot, almost-vertical waterslide.

Does Prague have "Der Stuka?" I think not.

We went to Wet 'n Wild when I was a kid -- I was only 12 years old, 28 years ago -- and I've never forgotten it, because it has the best waterslides around. And they've added to it since then, with things like "Der Stuka" or "Bomb Bay" -- that latter being a ride that sits you on a trap door, then sends you falling down 76 feet of watery, slide-y, fun.

That's what life is like in the Fun-Iverse (Kissimmee)-- sun, water, roller coasters, golf, and vertical drops into crystal clear, cool pools of water.

That is why I'm thinking about Kissimmee a lot -- and you should be, too. Because you can go enjoy Der Stuka and Bomb Bay and Disney and oranges and golf and more, for free! Kissimmee is giving away trips: weekend trips for two, and weeklong trips for four. The next drawing is on June 1, so be like me: Enter early and often. Use that link above to get to the site.

Then I'll see you... in the Fun-Iverse.


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