Thursday, May 21, 2009

It was a tactical Pop Tart (Cinnamon Flavored -Tactical, to be precise.)

What tactical gear do you wear for your job? For me (today) it's a tactical blue-striped polo shirt, and tactical black pants with a tactical bit of Pop Tart frosting tactically smeared onto the leg...

Oh, who am I kidding? My job doesn't require tactical gear. I almost never have to dodge bullets, rappel down walls, sneak up on bad guys, engage in a heated armed standoff, or drive 100 miles per hour down the road while trying to catch a fleeing, monkey-driven van full of bank robbers. (That last reference courtesy of Dane Cook.)

And sometimes I envy the guys and gals whose jobs do require those things -- people who get to shop at LA Police Gear and not look ridiculous doing so. I get jealous of people who can wear tactical pants, who carry Versipacks that have a special holster for their weapons, who need specialized incandescent flashlights and tactical Under Armour. I get way jealous of how cool their jobs must be: get up, order a bunch of stuff off of LA Police Gear, then go to work and spend the day jumping from rooftop to rooftop after fleeing terrorists, or parachuting out of a helicopter into the middle of a riot... or, you know, cool manly stuff.

But you know what? I bet they don't get to blog about superheroes, so they're probably really craving my job.

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