Monday, May 04, 2009

But I had an excuse, whereas The Boy had none. (The Found Alphabet, E)

There is a cautionary tale about the letter "E."

The "E" shown here is found in the word "Exit" which sits atop the sign for "John Nolen Drive" in Madison. I decided to use that "E" for the Found Alphabet because The Boy had a near-miss accident not long ago when he was driving to go to a girls' basketball game in the state tournament. He took the "John Nolen Drive" exit too fast and ended up skidding off the road.

When I asked him what happened, he said "I hydroplaned." I said "It's sunny and dry." He eventually admitted he'd been going too fast and has since had his driving restricted.

Last week, when I decided to use that "E" for the Found Alphabet, I retraced The Boy's steps, and had to then take out my cell phone camera and snap the picture and then get off the ramp -- and nearly skidded off the road because I'd been more intent on taking the picture than slowing down.

Letter "D" is here.

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lisapepin said...

If The Boy reads this blog, you're so busted.