Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Google Waffle Update: zzuf 2-aludoM

You should definitely keep linking to me with the phrase "sticky waffle sandwich" and let me know about it...

Am I second, or third? I can't tell. If I google sticky waffle sandwiches, without quotes, it shows me at third. But if I google "sticky waffle sandwiches" with quotes, then Google tells me that there's no results for the term with quotes... but I'm second.

Then, if I reverse it like they would in Australia and New Zealand and google sandwiches waffle sticky, I'm eighth, which I guess means that people in the Southern Hemisphere don't like me, or waffles, or both. I hate to think I've alienated a whole hemisphere when I really meant to only alienate Peru, but there you go.

I thought about what might happen if I really reverse it, and google sehciwdnas elffaw ykcits, but then I got scared: What if doing that sets off an anti-matter like reaction that creates a microgoogleblackhole and sucks all the information in the world into it?

Then I thought: Screw that! Would scientists be afraid of maybe destroying the world? And if they were, would they also probably lie to the public and try to minimize it, while simultaneously demonstrating that they don't know or can't explain basic physics?

The answer, as we know, is yes, definitely.

So I went ahead with the experiment anyway and got these results:

And if you click that top list, you just get a mysterious list of backwards words... a list that begins with "2-aludoM" and ends with "zzuf."

I can't shake the feeling that I've uncovered something very dangerous here... perhaps men weren't men to unlock the secrets of sehciwdnas elffaw ykcits.

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lisapepin said...

Yhw od uoy peek gnitnuat eht esrevinu ekil siht?