Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Garden State Is Calling!

I read all the time about people going to great lengths to find a job these days. The woman who put up a billboard telling people to hire her. The man who stood outside of Las Vegas with a sign that said "Will Work For Work," people like that.

(And that last guy is a little confused, too. "Will Work for Work?" Great. Come on over and mow my lawn. The job is its own reward... literally.)

I don't know why they're going to those extremes, when they won't work and when there's a much easier and better way to go about finding a job: Have the New Jersy Chamber of Commerce find one for you.

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce has set up a site to find New Jersey Jobs right online -- matching you with your perfect job in what might be the perfect state.

Yeah, you heard me right. New Jersey is "the Garden State" and they mean i9t -- it's got serene, beautiful landscapes, beaches, and you can get to New York City and enjoy access to that without having to, you know, LIVE there.

And now, as an added benefit, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce has, as I said, its job matching site to put YOU, the job seeker, together with people who are actually hiring and want you to work there. And these are high-paying, good jobs, jobs that are fitting of the New Jersey motto "Liberty and Prosperity."

Personal trainers, sales managers, landscaping jobs, those are just some of the jobs listed right on the front page. All you've got to do is go log in and find the job that's perfect for you. Forget the billboards and road signs. Put up a sign, instead, that says "Will Work for New Jersey." Or, you know, just go apply for the job.

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