Sunday, May 03, 2009

I should call this entry something catchy like "The Artful Dodger," only that doesn't make sense plus it's early.

Maybe it's just the "Little Einsteins" influence, but I'm thinking more and more about art these days.

"Little Einsteins," for anyone who's not the parent of a two-year-old and/or in trouble with the library, are the group of 4 kids who go on adventures punctuated by music and art; each episode features a different artist and the art works its way into the episode. Like yesterday's episode, which Mr F and I watched raptly while playing "Tickle Bugs," the Einsteins had to chase down a train that turned out to have been drawn by Andy Warhol.

I watch those shows and then look around at the "art" we have on our walls -- mostly pictures of family and that frisbee I bought in California when we played Frisbee Golf with my sister, plus that drawing of "Wedding Bowl With Fruit" I made using a charcoal pencil.

My point is: We need more art. Also, that Andy Warhol train barely tried to get away from the Einsteins. But mostly We need more art.

Take the picture at the start of this post. It's called "Melting Green" and it's one of the pieces of wall art available from My White My White Walls has all kinds of ready-to-go cool artwork available, ranging from modern art to still lifes to the really abstract art that I never really understood.

And it's all not that expensive, either. I could browse around for hours on their site, looking at the multipiece works, art on canvas, and more, but I didn't browse for hours, because I got hung up (ah! Get it?) on "Melting Green," which I was looking at and I thought that would look excellent over the sectional couch in our living room.

And it would give me and Mr F something else to look at during "Tickle Bugs" round 2.

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