Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Seriously, though, what do you suppose is up with that guy's family?

True story: About two years ago, Sweetie and I went to a wedding and I was sitting and talking to total strangers (as one does at weddings) while Sweetie minded the Babies!.

She came over to me at one point and asked if I would hold Mr Bunches, as she had to go to the bathroom. I agreed and she handed him off, gave me a kiss and headed away.

One of the men at the table said "Was that your daughter?"

Which was startling because, first, Sweetie had kissed me on the lips, so what kind of family did this guy come from, and second, there is no way that I look at least 16 or more years older than Sweetie.

That's what I thought, anyway. Then I looked in the mirror and thought: Oh. Well. I see where he's getting that from.

Which is why I'm reading up on the Wrinkle Cream Reviews over at Attack one problem first, is my motto: Work on the wrinkles, then work on the bags under my eyes, then the gray hair, then the balding, then eventually... well, you get the drift.

The cream I found that appeals the most to me is this "Dermajuv Age Defying Serum." The site says that the testers found it to be the best available -- "superior to every other age defying product out there," they say.

It's supposed to work at the DNA level to reduce wrinkles, which sounds good to me, and it got an overall rating of five stars.

So I'll probably give it a try and who knows? At the next wedding, maybe they'll just think Sweetie is my younger sister.

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