Monday, May 04, 2009

Google Waffles?

I did not, after all, have a Sticky Waffle Sandwich. But the waffles did stick to the bagel when I picked up the bagel, and I just shrugged and ate them together, so I guess I had an Open Faced Sticky Waffle Sandwich. (TM!)

Also, I'm proud to say that on the very first day I used that phrase, if you Google "Sticky Waffle Sandwich," you'll find "Thinking The Lions" there at 7th -- Front Page!

Let's make me Number One -- go Google "sticky waffle sandwich" and then click on that link, or link to me using Sticky Waffle Sandwich as the link text; let me know (via email to "thetroublewithroy[at]" or via comment) and I'll link you back.

1 comment:

lisapepin said...

You must have lots of minions who are doing your bidding but not bragging about it. By the time I got to Google, Thinking The Lions was number three! Way to go, team!