Thursday, May 07, 2009

Quote of the Day, 27:

"That's when old guys like us feel the need to take a nap."
Old guy on elevator, yesterday.

Look, can we all agree to just not lump each other in with potentially-insulting comments? I would never dream of going around saying Hey, bald guys like us need to stick together, or Wow, who'd have ever imagined a couple of longtime nose-pickers would both end up in the express lane of the grocery store?

But others do that all the time. Like the actual old guy on the elevator yesterday. Riding up to a court hearing (I won!)(Of course!)(But I'd been thinking I was gonna lose!)(So it was cool!) I yawned on the elevator. Then the Actual Old Guy said something about not getting him started yawning, too, and I said "You'd think I'd be more awake at 3 in the afternoon.

And that's when he said his little quote, lumping me in as an old guy like us, but I am not an old guy. He was an old guy. He had the old-guy haircut -- balding but trying to grow it long to point out that while he couldn't grow hair everywhere, he could still grow a lot of hair in some places. He had the old guy tie on -- tied too short and a little off-kilter and just slanting stripes. He even had the old guy glasses.

Me? I had my fancy suit on and in my pocket was an iPod that had been playing the Go-Gos not very long before. That's not old guy. That's cool.

And now I'm in the mood for the Go-Gos. So here's "Head Over Heels," the beginning of which I can play on piano:

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