Sunday, May 03, 2009

I also was watching "Cinemax After Dark" for work-related research.

With May 1 arriving this week, Sweetie began her annual selection of a new swimsuit, an event that prompted me to ask her "What happened to that one that you had, the New York/Statue of Liberty themed swimsuit?"

What happened to it, apparently, happened seven or eight years ago, which is how long it's been since Sweetie wore that suit. She gets a new one every year, as she told me last week, and getting that new one is a long, arduous process involving at least two or three trips to the store, wandering through the swimsuit section, picking out three or four swimsuits, buying them, taking them home, deciding she doesn't like those, and restarting the whole process.

Because I am sympathetic to Sweetie, and because I have a great deal of interest in seeing her in a swimsuit, I have taken it upon myself this morning to help her cut that process short and get all the bathing suits she could want just by pointing and clicking.

See, I've been looking at AmiClubWear, "the positive place for girls" and their selection of swimsuits -- but only doing so as a decent, God-fearing family man who wants to help his wife select a bikini. That's the only reason... I swear!

But looking around that site (solely to help Sweetie) has helped me find the bikini shown here -- it's an unfortunate thing that AmiClubWear shows all their bikinis on models -- and pick this out as the one I want Sweetie to wear... for practical reasons. This bikini (the "Yellow Multicolor Plaid 2 pc Bikini") looks like it would be easy to put on, and easy to move around in -- necessary if she's going to take twin 2 year old's to the pool.

Plus, it uses very little material, probably to be environmentally friendly. That's important.

AmiClubWear has more than those swimsuits-- lots and lots of them, each of which I've checked out in my ongoing efforts to help Sweetie -- but this was clearly the best of them. In fact, I'm going to send the link to Sweetie so that she can order it online, then get free shipping on orders over $50.

I'd better, just to be safe, check through all the available swimsuits one more time, though. It's best to be thorough.

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