Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dweezil Zappa Once Did A Duet With Bobcat Goldthwait. (Mourning Gnus, 6/4/09)

He Finally Took That Fifth Step: I only know David Carradine from Kill Bill, but I don't have to have seen all his films to know that he was a phenomenal actor, and the world is a less cool place without him in it today. Rest in Peace, David Carradine.

What would happen if you typed "Find Me A Search Engine" Into a Search Engine? (I'm afraid to find out.) Apparently, the next wave of "search" is "Searches That Are Useless." Hot on the heels of Bing -- the MSN search engine you won't use -- comes "Google Squared," a search engine that... well, that has no apparent point to it. I tried searching for "Sticky Waffle Sandwiches" and got nothing; Google said it couldn't build a square, and suggested I try something like "Planets." So I did that, and got a grid filled with pictures and names of planets. But the pictures of the actual planets are paired with things like shopping for a Saturn. That raises concerns that kids using Google Squared to cheat on finals would tell science teachers that Saturn's atmosphere gets 35 miles to the gallon and has the best crash test ratings of any spheroid.

I tried, then, in order, "Ashton Kutcher is a meathead," (nothing) "David Carradine" (a grid that linked to "Camille" for some reason) and "What Good Is Google Squared?" That latter got no answer, either.

Today's Song You May Have Never Heard But I Did Because I Bought The Album On Cassette From Tape World:
"Let's Talk About It," by Dweezil Zappa -- with his sister Moon Unit!

You know, I'd like a big blank room in my house like they have in all these videos. And not to quibble, Moon, but there really are "right ways" to use words like capitalism, communism, and freedom.

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lisapepin said...

"Saturn's atmosphere gets 35 miles to the gallon..." That's not right? Dammit, I want my tuition money back. Stupid inferior state college.

p.s. I remember Tape World.