Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's not often I say something nice about France, so this really means something.

I like to support fellow writers, especially fellow writers who are (a) supportive of me, and (b) better writers than me. Which is why I am today heartily recommending that you go read

"Memoir Of The French Resistance," a memoir-blog written by Johann Pepin (and, I believe, his wife, Lisa Westoby-Pepin), detailing the real experiences of Marco Pepin (the guy in the picture) as French resistance fighter in World War II.

In the very first installment, Marco's story pulled me right in. I'm not big on either World War II or biographies, but this one's different. The writing is excellent. Here's a sample line I liked: "One thing had changed since Marco last set foot in Paris, though. He was now an outlaw." It's that type of turn of phrase -- calling Marco an outlaw because communism is illegal when he returns to Paris -- that provides color and life to what otherwise could be dry history.

Then there's the detail, too; reminiscences of how Marco's mother told him stories of making bandages for German soldiers out of stolen bedsheets in World War I, the descriptions of the row housing Marco first lived in, all help paint a real picture in my mind.

I've already bookmarked the blog, and I hope you will, too.

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lisapepin said...

Thanks for this post, Briane! You're the best. But you've got to stop favorably comparing my writing to yours, people who go read our blog are going to be disappointed.