Saturday, June 06, 2009

Just hear me out, here.

Haven't finalized your plans for this summer yet? Might I suggest a
Jersey Shore beach Vacation?

No-- don't turn away and say "No, I'd rather not..." I'm not one of those people handling out pamphlets on the street... I've got actual good points to make.

Good points like the fact that on the Jersey Shore, there's an amusement park where you can take your kids to see the Radio Disney Summer Concert Series. It's in Wildwood, New Jersey, at Morey's Piers. And it's FREE.

You love your kids, don't you? Do you love them enough to do something FREE for them? Of course you do - -and that FREE thing is taking them to Morey's Piers in June and July and August to see their favorite Radio Disney stars.

Remember, it's free. And the songs are pretty good, you know.

Plus, you don't have to just sit and listen to Radio Disney concerts; you can take your kids to one of Morey's fabulous New Jersey water parks or amusement parks in between all the singing and dancing. So you'll have even more fun -- splashing around and sliding down and swimming and wave pooling, and then you can go see another (FREE!) concert.

See? I told you not to turn away. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Free, waterparky, Radio Disney-y sense.

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