Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Truth be told, the Haunted Mansion STILL scares me a little.

When we were kids, our parents took us to a bunch of places for vacation -- Mount Rushmore, Virginia, the Wisconsin Dells, things like that. And as an adult, I've taken our kids to a bunch of places for vacation -- California, Las Vegas, and more -- but there's one vacation site that all parents eventually take all kids to:

Walt Disney World -- the Magic Kingdom.

Walt Disney World has become de rigeur for parents to take their kids to for vacation, and, since my parents took me there, I know why that is. There really is no place like it, anywhere else. We went when I was 12, twenty-eight years ago, and I still recall almost every detail of that day. I remember the Jungle Safari boat ride, with the talking toucan dolls. I remember It's A Small World. I can still feel the excitement of the Haunted Mansion and the Thunder Mountain Railroad.

And, nearly three decades on, I can recall every single twist and turn of the Space Mountain ride -- sitting in that little car with my brother Matt, the spaceship whipping us through the dome filled with stars as we yelled and howled and hoped we would make it through without hurling.

Walt Disney World has been around for decades and has been the vacation stop of choice for decades because it is magic -- the excitement isn't feigned, the rides aren't lame, the fun is real. If it wasn't, it wouldn't stick in my memory so well, so many years later.

So, like I said, I've been there, and I'll take my kids there, because they deserve -- all kids deserve-- to have those memories in their mind forever, to remember that perfect day filled with rides and songs and castles and Mickey Mouse -- and it's easier than ever to take the kids, because I can get the best prices on Disney Tickets from OrlandoFunTickets.com -- and not just for Disney World in Orlando, but for all the Orlando Disney Parks. With the savings on those tickets, I can get more than one day at Walt Disney World -- I can get a whole week at all the Disney Theme Parks, so that Mr F and Mr Bunches can ride the Mad Hatter Tea Party, the Dumbos, and more, and The Boy and I can roam through Epcot, while Sweetie and the girls take in the palaces...

I can't wait!

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