Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stuffed animals are the next generation of marketing.

Are you still promoting your business the (yawn, stretch, blink...) old fashioned way, through print ads and television ads and (ho-hum. Click through TV channels, settle on "Reba" re-run) radio spots?

Boooooooooooring. What you need is something new and fun and catchy and clever, a way to get the word out among the people that your business thinks creatively, that it's on the cutting edge, that it can do stuff that people want, as opposed to stuff people don't want.

What you need, in short, is a clever marketing promotion like the kind that Brava gets you. Brava Marketing Promotions is the way for your business to really stand out- -no TV ads that people fast-forward through, no radio ads for them to ignore while they fight traffic.

Instead, Brava Marketing Promotions has cool, inexpensive stuff that you can put your logo on and hand out. People love free stuff, and your business will be giving away free stuff... so... you can do the math, right?

Here's one I really like: Promotional stuffed animals. I do family law, which means I'm very frequently called on to help people decide how custody should be arranged, or work on child support, or otherwise help people ... who have kids. So I can have a bunch of these:
In my office to hand to Moms and Dads to take home to their kids, or to hand out at seminars and meetings -- and they've got then a little stuffed animal with my company's name and logo on it, one they see all the time. So when they think What lawyer can help me with my child related questions? my name and phone number are sitting right there in front of them -- clutched in their kids' hands.

Clever, right? Brava has other stuff, ranging from hand gel to frisbees to tote bags, so you can find one that fits in with your company, and start getting people excited about your ads. And you can use them for more than that: give them as employee recognition awards, or hand them out as souveniers at company picnics -- use your imagination, and people will use your business.

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