Thursday, June 04, 2009

This post is a parable called "The friendly rabbit and the guy whose pants were soon to be too big."

If you're planning on getting me any pants for gifts in the future, better get 'em a size smaller.

You are planning on getting me gifts, right? Remember the old saying: Every day is Love Your Blogger day, and the best way to love a blogger is to send gifts.

And, if you're getting me pants ('cause, why wouldn't you?) you'll have to get them a size smaller, or maybe two sizes smaller. Or, heck, maybe three.

You'll have to do that because I'm planning on logging a lot of BeeWell Miles to shrink myself for charity.

"BeeWell Miles" aren't like ordinary miles. No, they're not metric, or anything weird like that. They're miles, but they're miles that not only can help shrink your waistline, but can help charitable efforts and also get you prizes.

Here's how it works: Click that link and sign up to log miles you walk or run each day. Then, walk or run miles each day, and log them.

From now until October 31, 2009, Bumble Bee Foods will, for each logged mile, donate fifteen cents to the BreastCancer Network of Strength.

And, not only that, but if you do all this, while you're getting healthy and helping fight breast cancer and provide support to sufferers, you'll also be eligible for up to 15,000 prizes they're giving away.

The site will help you do more than fight cancer, too. You can interact with experts, calculate the route of your miles, get health tips, and more.

Let's face it: Everyone wants to work out and get in shape. Just like everyone wants to send me pants in the mail. But we make excuses not to do that; we say we're tired or busy or our legs hurt or the last time we went jogging we got lost in the woods and would never have gotten back but for that friendly rabbit...

... so what we need is a motivation. Beyond friendly rabbits and pants, that is. And BeeWell Miles is that motivation. If getting in shape and getting prizes isn't enough to get my butt off the couch, then helping people fight cancer is.


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