Friday, June 05, 2009

Sweetie uses logic in her arguments, which I do not like.

I found out that Sweetie's been throwing out my t-shirts, a practice she defends by saying "They were old and ripped and stinky," and by also saying "Plus, you wouldn't have even known if I hadn't told you. You can't even say what t-shirts I've thrown out."

Both of which, while true, are not good reasons for getting rid of my t-shirts. I love my t-shirts. I'd wear them every day, except that federal judges do not appreciate it when you show up wearing a Gaius Baltar For President shirt at a jury trial. ( What is their DEAL? Man, they're uptight.)

I've begun to strike back against Sweetie, though, because I found a place where I can Buy $10 T-Shirts. COOL t-shirts, like this:"Bigfoot vs. Bunyan," -- a shirt that might pass muster with those federal judges (I could say it's a precedent!) but which definitely passes muster with me. High quality screen print, bargain price, and a couple of colors to choose from.

PLUS, they've got a new t-shirt every Monday, so there's always a reason to go back. And they've offer 7-7-7 deals-- 7 shirts, $7 each, for 7 days only. Right now, they've got (for a few more days) a half-off sale, too.

All of which adds up to more t-shirts for me to offset Sweetie's hobby. I'm gonna go order some now, since she's got some extra time today and I don't want to end up t-shirt-less.


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Anonymous said...

I think that "Sweetie" seems like a very smart woman!!!!!